Sarah Waring

is senior editor at Eurozine. She’s an artist and an author, publisher of Traverzbooks.

She is the author of Farming for the Landless (Traverzbooks, 2019 / Platin Press, 2015), which is available in Italian as Agricoltura per senza terra (Pentàgora Edizioni, 2018), and Stray Pieces (Traverzbooks, 2020).


Cover for: Podcast: Glänta’s editorial scope

Podcast: Glänta’s editorial scope

A conversation with Göran Dahlberg

Translation collaborations, philosophy parties, short videos, journals within journals – just some of the innovative means Glänta uses to reach beyond its base in Gothenburg, Sweden. Join Sarah Waring in peering around the cultural journal’s door with editor Göran Dahlberg in this episode of Gagarin, the Eurozine podcast.

Cover for: Check, control, cancel or care

Where can we turn if our social networks, structures and governance can’t be trusted? Cancel culture, disinformation and the lack of boundaries define our perception. Geert Lovink, Eliot Higgins and Matilda Amundsen Bergström provide some welcome thoughts on solidarity overcoming abuses of power.

Cover for: Beyond bronze

Beyond bronze

From protest to social enterprise

Recently toppled colonial monuments have been used to evoke and connect global race-related injustices, past and present. Now anti-racism discourse on violence, worker’s rights, education and cultural heritage is encouraging greater accountability and social engagement. Black Lives Matter.

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