14 March 2018

A tale of two Putins

Having turned the law into an instrument of state policy and private vendetta, and having turned the legislature into a caricature without power or independence, can Vladimir Putin afford to become an ex-president? As the Russian leader prepares to be re-anointed in an election on 18 March, Mark Galeotti explores Putin’s options.

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Noticing the differences

‘La Revue Nouvelle’ talks about Belgium’s colonial legacies; ‘Vikerkaar’ marks one hundred years of Estonian multiculturalism; ‘Glänta’ notices differences in Sweden; ‘New Humanist’ confronts the rising tide everywhere; ‘Ord&Bild’ draws the line at the far-right; and ‘dérive’ writes from the rust belt.

The earthly ground

‘Esprit’ explores worlds of ecology; ‘Merkur’ talks class; ‘Dialogi’ looks at histories of feminism; ‘Belgrade Journal’ introduces voices from the Balkan route; ‘Il Mulino’ travels through a difficult but extremely beautiful country.

The right to decide

‘Soundings’ and ‘Syn og Segn’ debate sovereignty and citizenship; ‘Index on Censorship’ asks if we protest enough – or too much; ‘Osteuropa’ makes a sober assessment of Czech politics; ‘Revolver Revue’ talks to concept artist Karel Miller; ‘New Eastern Europe’ investigates a growing generation gap; and ‘L’Homme’ revisits sisterhood.


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