Environmental protests in the Balkans

The success of recent protests against extractivism and ecosystem degradation in Serbia and Albania highlights the potential for democratic reinvigoration around ecological issues in south east Europe. But the EU has yet to prove it can act as a credible partner in this process.


Reforms that would bring Albania further towards EU accession remain hampered by corruption and lack of political will. Prime minister Edi Rama, now into his third term and without a serious challenger, embodies the contradictions of the West Balkan country’s hybrid democratic system.

Cover for: Stay in your lane

If racism is ineradicable, as critical race theory argues, then combatting it cannot be about winning equality but only about carving out a space of autonomy. No issue expresses this better than the controversy over ‘cultural appropriation’.

New Humanist

United Kingdom

Cover for: The glass we didn’t raise

Spilne author Evheny Osievsky became a soldier in the Russo-Ukrainian war. Gwara Media editor-in-chief Olena Myhashko pays her respects to a colleague who put his research aside to go into battle, highlighting the weight of personal bereavement and Ukraine’s ongoing loss.

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Cover for: The state of the Church

The state of the Church

New Humanist 2/2023

Turing off the tap for the Church of England: why state support for English Anglicanism belongs to the past. Also: Kenan Malik on the flaws of critical race theory.

Cover for: Collapsing (dis)orders

Collapsing (dis)orders

Wespennest 184 (2023)

On the Zeitenwende and other departures from familiar (dis)orders: post-pandemic neoliberalism, authoritarian reaction and solidarist solutions; in defence of etiquette; death cults in southern Italy; calendrical chaos; gender and ageing.

Cover for: Russia’s futures

Russia’s futures

Glänta 3–4/2022

Glänta translates selected articles from Colta.ru 2010–2022: including false predictions on the eve of Putin’s third term; despair after annexation; observations on the cult of victory; and attempts to think Russia’s future now.

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Cover for: The writing on the wall

The ‘great democratic revolution’ of modern times, as Tocqueville once called it, appears to be spluttering to a halt. Some observers, recalling the disasters of the 1920s and 30s, are suggesting that an anti-democratic counterrevolution on a global scale has begun. But is the writing really on the wall? Or does declinism prevent us from recognizing moments of democratic renewal?

Cover for: Unprovoked, unjustified: Russia’s war on Ukraine

Eurozine looks into the political, social and cultural factors that define the war on Ukraine, from Russia’s neo-imperialist aspirations and the concept of culpability to artists at the forefront of Ukrainian resistance. This focal point is supported by the C.H.Beck Verlag.

Cover for: Ukraine in European dialogue

Post-revolutionary Ukrainian society displays a unique mix of hope, enthusiasm, social creativity, collective trauma of war, radicalism and disillusionment. With the Maidan becoming history, the focal point ‘Ukraine in European Dialogue’ explores the new challenges facing the young democracy, its place in Europe, and the lessons it might offer for the future of the European project.

Cover for: Eurasia in global dialogue

The focal point presents the findings of the project ‘Eurasia in Global Dialogue’ being carried out at the Institute for Human Sciences, Vienna (IWM).  The focal point is an extension of the earlier focal point, ‘Russia in Global Dialogue’ that ran in Eurozine and at the IWM from 2012–2018.

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Cover for: Eurozine Funding Opportunities Outlook

Eurozine monitors upcoming funding opportunities on the international level relevant to cultural journalists, such as translation funds, mobility grants and project funding.

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