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bee cow by Sarah Waring

Contrary to popular belief, not all bees make honey. In fact, less than 4% of the total population of 20,000 species around the world do. As we rush to #SaveTheBees, many don’t know how, or which ones face the real threat of extinction.

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TikTok populism

A Europe Day special

Young voters are getting more engaged in European politics, but this growth starts from a very low point. Radicalization is increasing, and most people connect with politics emotionally and through communities. The EU holds vast power and potential, but how can it engage young people ? Standard Time’s Europe Day episode premiering today at 5 PM CET.

Cover for: Getting that bread

The gig economy is undermining labour rights rapidly, but the conventional protections around employment have been eroding for decades. We talk labour migration, the gendered division of unpaid tasks, and the history of the workers’ movement on our latest episode.

Cover for: Landfills on sale

How can the consumer enjoy an ethically sourced piece of fashion, when most garments are produced in sweatshops and soon end up in landfills anyway? A designer from India, a Romanian investigative journalist, and an Austrian ecotoxicologist discuss this on the new episode of Standard Time.

Cover for: Europe poops in its own nest

From the English Channel to the Sea of Marmara, Europe’s seas are soaked in sewage. It might not be the best topic for polite conversation, but managing human waste is the single most important urban necessity – and that’s why we’re talking all about it on the Earth Day episode of Standard Time, premiering at 7 PM CET.

Thubnail for the Kindergarten episode on Standard Time, 4 speakers at a table

From free school meals to the privatization of family policy, early childhood education can be heaven on earth when it works well, or a hellscape when it is dysfunctional. Kindergartens are on this week’s episode of Standard Time, premiering today at 7 PM CET.

Cover for: Lost in machine translation

Are robots replacing us? For translators, this prospect is quite realistic. Though machine translation can be useful with simple and direct text, it still has a lot to catch up on to eliminate language barriers and understand subtle meanings. Publishing across languages on today’s Standard Time episode.

Cover for: Do we even care about Europe?

With Islamophobia in France, the repression of LGBTQIA+ rights in Poland, and refugees being pushed back into the sea on the Italian border, we just can’t keep up with the topics defining the European sphere! The latest episode discusses European interests and sentiment.

Cover for: Booze is a symptom, not the problem

Europeans have a hard time holding their drink, this continent is topping the drinking charts globally. Is it nature, culture, or a policy issue? We discuss alcoholism on today’s Standard Time.

Cover for: Such a pedestrian question

The city is lively but not always liveable. Urban ambience can make one feel free, but polluted air leads to asthma and lung cancer. Car drivers or cyclists, family or industrialists: who does the city belong to? We talk greening cities on today’s episode of Standard Time.

Cover for: What has the internet ever done for us?

In the 90s, many thought the internet consisted of merely porn and tidbits. Were they wrong? At a time when online publishing was deeply contested, a group of editors came together and took a leap of faith. Eurozine’s story on this Standard Time episode.

Cover for: The ways we love

From sparkly consensual group hugs to dating apps to incels: the Valentine’s Day episode of Standard Time addresses how love changes people, and how people change love.

Cover for: The limits of normality

Disability has always been part of the human condition; inclusion and accessibility are not favours to extend, but measures that would benefit everybody. Europe’s regulations are quite good, but practice often lags behind. On this episode of Standard Time, we discuss access, accommodation and attitudes.

Cover for: Who will pay for the truth?

When content is freely available in droves, paying for journalism almost seems like a scam. Can journalists media outlets keep up with the changing landscape of information? Find out on this episode of Standard Time.

Cover for: Can we decommercialize housing?

European cities are a hotbed of real estate speculation and affordable housing is growing out of reach. Millennials and younger will not only not own homes, but are also losing their grip on renting. The new episode of Standard Time delves into the housing crisis.

Cover for: It's about time

Time – we’re all running out of it. Most of Europe’s time zones are still tuned to Hitler’s clock and it stumbles circadian rythyms. Time is a very judgmental area already, even before throwing policies into the mix.

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