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Cover for: Grand Paris eviction

Touted as Europe’s largest infrastructure project, the Grand Paris Express promises better connectivity and improved public transport for the French capital. However, for Roma squatters and slum residents, the colossal project has meant forced evictions and further exclusion from society. With the Paris Olympics right around the corner, the trend has only worsened.

Cover for: Something happens, somewhere

Tracing responsibility for honeybee losses in rural Ukraine points to farmers and pesticide-treated rapeseed fields. But whose practices really lie behind the short-term bid to increase crop productivity? And what do the historic uses of agrochemicals tell us about their current weaponization?

Cover for: Exiled voices: identity & literature

Human history is a history of migration, and people continue to be on the move due to a myriad of circumstances. Most of them aren’t merely looking for adventure or doing a fun gap year, but are trying to escape political persecution, climate catastrophes, and, well, war and genocide.

Cover for: European elections: A coming of age?

France’s snap elections are the most spectacular sign that EU elections now matter. But whether the far right’s shift from fundamental opposition towards reform from within politicizes the EU in a positive way depends on the centre’s readiness to hold its ground.

Cover for: The privilege of anxiety

The privilege of anxiety

On censorship, self-censorship and Palestine

A conversation with Palestinian–German scholar Anna-Esther Younes about the mechanisms of anti-Palestinian repression in Germany, Europe and beyond; about intergenerational knowledge transfer amidst an increasingly isolating political climate; and about fostering solidarity between struggles.

Cover for: Occupation changes life forever

‘Occupation is like a flood. The water doesn’t reach every house at the same time. First it covers the roads until it meets an obstacle – a wall or a fence. Then it starts to rise, finding cracks, seeping further, conquering one house after another, together with everything inside them.’

Cover for: Let’s make cabbage great again!

In today’s episode, we discuss how climate change affects food systems. Because, although we often talk of transit and other industries polluting, we don’t seem to consider industrial farming as great a culprit as it really is. And it affects all of us.

Cover for: The future for India’s opposition

With Modi having won his third presidential term, India’s democracy remains at risk. The opposition, which made gains with underprivileged and marginalized voters, is calling his need to govern in coalition a victory. But will infighting and political misdeeds distract the Left from taking on the alliance of Hindu nationalist parties?

Cover for: The paunch

The crux of different peoples’ history, and of humanity as a whole, is always food and hunger. In the final analysis, it’s the stomach that counts.

Cover for: Omri Boehm’s ‘Speech to Europe’

On the 5 May, a Viennese public assembled on Judenplatz in the city’s First District to listen to the Israeli philosopher Omri Boehm deliver his ‘Speech to Europe’, the third in the series following Oleksandra Matviichuk (2023) and Timothy Snyder (2019).

Cover for: The struggle for trans life

The struggle for trans life

On the pre-history of Spain’s ‘Ley Trans’

From the persecution of transgender persons under Franco to the landmark 2023 ‘trans law’ enabling individuals to change their legal sex, trans rights in Spain have come a long way. But at the social level, transness continues to be pathologized.

Cover for: Raphael up against the wall

Overturning an adherence to cultural classics has historical precedents. For the Soviet avant-garde, revolution meant dispensing with symbols of reverence: everything from Renaissance paintings to Tolstoy. And, in the process, the likes of Mayakovsky left their own work ultimately open to being cancelled, both conceptually and for real.

Cover for: Fortifying Europe

The EU likes to promote its devotion to human rights, but this agenda falls short when it comes to border regimes, migration and non-European refugees. The new episode of Standard Time reflects on the EP elections, discussing security and foreign policy.

Cover for: Europe and its victims

Europe and its victims

Beyond the myth of national sovereignty

Europe has learnt the need to protect human dignity as inviolable, refuting the myth of national sovereignty and ethnically-based citizenship. But it also embraces these principles as forms of emancipation for Jews and previously colonized nations. This inconsistency endangers both Europe and its past victims.

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