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Cover for: Nobody knows what Russians want. Not even Russians themselves.

Nobody knows what Russians want. Not even Russians themselves.

Can a kleptocracy have national interests?

Russia has no national interests, not even in Ukraine. Russians are denied subjectivity, the means of making rational and responsible decisions. Instead, they have state-sanctioned propaganda, rigged elections, pretend patriotism and a profoundly inhuman leadership.

Cover for: The war for democracy

The governments now sanctioning Russian oligarchs forget to mention that it was the free-market policies of the ’90s that created them. In order to regain the initiative after misreading Russia’s aggression, the Left needs to point out how the war for democracy in Ukraine is part of its own struggle for global justice in the 21st century.

Cover for: May the horror and shame unite us

In moments of intense apprehension and fear, we may well be disinclined to read books, but it is vital to actively maintain channels of mutual support. A statement by the editors of the Russian journal ‘New Literary Observer’.

Cover for: Europe 1948/2022

Europe is facing a vast humanitarian crisis. This time, there is a good chance that governments will rise to the challenge. If only because it is all too clear that uncontrolled mass migration is one prong in Russia’s hybrid war against ‘the West’.

Cover for: Is France really moving right?

Claims that the French electorate has moved right are based on faulty evidence. Because dealignment primarily affects the left, support for redistribution and acceptance of diversity are not reflected in the polls. But the real problem for French politics begins in the voting booth.

Cover for: The measurement of loss

Much has been made of abstinence during the pandemic. But the virtues of ‘doing without’ have nothing to do with the refugee’s involuntary loss of home and family. For those never forced to flee, this existential experience is almost beyond imagination.

Cover for: In the shadow of Putin, Trump and a divided America

Amidst bipartisan solidarity with Ukraine, Joe Biden’s State of the Union address focused on unity and reconciliation. But in reality, deep rifts remain not just between the parties, but within them too. The jockeying for 2024 has already long begun.

Cover for: Rockets and Russian culture

The result of this war is impossible to predict, but one thing is clear: ‘Great Russian Humanist Culture’ has suffered a defeat. Serhiy Zhadan on what the war means for the language of Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy.

Cover for: Overcome fear!

Overcome fear!

An appeal by the Ukrainian journal ‘Prostory’

‘We would prefer to talk about art and literature, but right now we are asking for solidarity. Overcome fear, close the skies above Ukraine, save those who may tomorrow join the ranks of the killed and wounded.’

Cover for: Time to re-read Andrea Dworkin

A woman of many words, marginalized amongst feminists during her lifetime, who continued to speak out against sexual violence – take an International Women’s Day moment to engage with the #MeToo movement’s posthumous champion.

Cover for: The road to Przemyśl

The border town of Przemyśl is the main point of entry for Ukrainian refugees entering Poland. Most have come from Lviv, the central node for Ukrainians heading west. The photographer Florian Rainer has followed the route in the other direction. His images record both the anxiety and resilience of people forced to abandon their homes from one day to the next.

Cover for: You speak Russian. It matters

You speak Russian. It matters

Russian intellectuals appeal to all Russian speakers

Independent sources of information have been almost entirely destroyed in Russia. It is critical to reveal to Russian citizens the full truth about the suffering of the Ukrainian nation. An appeal to Russian speakers worldwide from prominent members of the Russian literary intelligentsia.

Cover for: For a free Ukraine!

Freedom, dignity and security: our belief in the aspirations that animate civil society is why we affirm our support for Ukraine today. A statement by the editors of the Eurozine partner journal ‘Esprit’.

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