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Cover for: Exiled voices: identity & literature

Human history is a history of migration, and people continue to be on the move due to a myriad of circumstances. Most of them aren’t merely looking for adventure or doing a fun gap year, but are trying to escape political persecution, climate catastrophes, and, well, war and genocide.

Cover for: Digital loneliness

Digital loneliness

Varlık 6/2024

The case for more embodied communication; on digitalisation and the privatisation of art; a balanced view of gaming; the historical roots of social polarisation in Turkey; and isolation in the films of Nuri Bilge Ceylan.

Cover for: Internal empire

Internal empire

Osteuropa 1–3/2024

Why the Russian Federation is a de facto empire despite the 1993 constitution; why Putin’s imperial but anti-ideological variety of Russian nationalism dominates; why Chechnya remains an open wound on the body politic; and feeling the impact of the Putin regime’s clampdown on intellectual freedoms.

Cover for: Faster, higher, stronger

Faster, higher, stronger

Esprit 6/2024

On Olympic ideals and real-world interests: who benefits from the IOC’s policy of apoliticism? Republican games: On France’s hope for a ‘new national narrative’. Capitalist games: ‘Faster, higher, stronger’ as the watchword of the global city.

Cover for: Eurocommunism


Soundings 86 (2024)

On the space to the left of European social democracy: Eurocommunism’s continuing legacy; reflections on the rise and fall of Eurocommunism in the UK; and everyday communism in the Austrian city of Graz.

Cover for: No future!

No future!

Wespennest 186 (2024)

Historicizing Doomsday: how West German ’80s pop marketed angst; why the next generation doesn’t want to live fast and die young; whether we’ve really reached tipping point; an what ‘no future’ meant for early Christians.

Cover for: Goetz on ageing

Goetz on ageing

Merkur 900 (5/2024)

In Merkur 900: how the myth of Islamic antisemitism serves the apologists of violence; what the concept of dictatorship conceals about democracies; and why Rainald Goetz is trying not to grow cynical with age.

Cover for: The end of shame?

The end of shame?

La Revue nouvelle 3/2024

Shame as political, historical and linguistic category: how shame came to be used to control women; why school is a place both of social mobility and social shame; and whether MeToo marked the end of shame as we knew it.

Cover for: Alternative AI

Alternative AI

springerin 1/2024

Artificial intelligence beyond good and evil: connectionist vs. symbolist logic and how to programme creativity; why the algorithmic gaze reproduces neocolonialism in the Middle East; technophobia and what sci fi gets wrong about robots.

Cover for: Transborder repression

Transborder repression

Index on Censorship 1/2024

Political exiles living in fear: how the Kremlin’s repressive machinery operates far beyond Russia’s borders; why Turkey is no longer a safe haven for foreign dissidents; and the ways new technologies are facilitating transnational repression.

Cover for: Reinventing work

Reinventing work

Revue Projet 399 (2024)

Young perspectives on work: the different value systems of labour; nuances in work-life meaning and purpose; what wage emancipation looks like; and why more responsibility for workers can revitalize the French business landscape.

Cover for: Flashpoint South Caucasus

Flashpoint South Caucasus

New Eastern Europe 3/2024

Three decades of social upheaval: how geopolitical forces within and beyond the South Caucasus continue to displace the region’s populations; the prospects for peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan; and Georgia’s imperilled democracy approaching a watershed moment.

Cover for: Baltic-German queer

Baltic-German queer

Vikerkaar 3/2024

Queer histories in Estonia(n): featuring 19th-century writing defying heteronormative expectations; why ‘cis-gender’ is a useless concept; Russian-speaking LGBT+ activism; and a history of trans rights in Spain.

Cover for: What happened to solidarity?

What happened to solidarity?

Fronesis 80–81 (2024)

Analyses of the decline of Scandinavian social democracy: how marketization has destroyed the Swedish model; on the rise of anti-elitist conservatism in Denmark; and dusting down the concept of the professional managerial class.

Cover for: Disappearing possibility

Disappearing possibility

Ny Tid 2/2024

Finno-Swedish perspectives on Israel–Palestine: why Tablet’s treatment of poet Refaat Alareer belongs to a bigger story about criticism and war; how women’s football in the OPTs is carrying on regardless; and Israeli writer Mati Shemoelof on the disappearing possibility for peace.

Cover for: Israel bias in CEE

Israel bias in CEE

A2 4/2024

Solidarity for Palestine stops at the Czech border: on the roots of Czech Israel policy since 1989; Czech publishing’s failure to tell the whole story about Palestine; and why Czech media’s Israel bias is symptomatic of its international isolation.

Cover for: Swedish giants

Swedish giants

Liberal Debatt 6/2023

Why Sweden no longer produces politicians of the stature of Palme and Erlander; how the commercial press made Fredrika Bremer into a feminist icon; and whether the giant Zlatan Ibrahimović is a national hero or outsider (or both).

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