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Cover for: Progressives and reactionaries

Progressives and reactionaries

Fronesis 76-77 (2022)

Reconsidering the authoritarian personality: Are progressives really on the right side of history? Can Reich’s theory of sexuality explain today’s far-right? And is the manosphere more than a reactionary self-help forum?

Cover for: Translators of the world, unite!

Translators of the world, unite!

La Revue Nouvelle 1/2023

On translation as politicized practice: domestication versus foreignization; degendering and resistance; and the risks of translating feminist sociology back into Farsi.

Cover for: ‘The end of the big lie’

‘The end of the big lie’

Internazionale Storia 5 (2023)

Stalin through the journalism of his time: H.R. Knickerbocker’s interview with Ekaterina Geladze; Gareth Jones’s exposé of the Holodomor; W.E.B. Du Bois’s homage to a freedom fighter; and Raymond Aron’s optimism in 1956.

Cover for: Rape as weapon of war

Rape as weapon of war

Spilne (February 2023)

Sexual violence as a Russian weapon of war: exceptional brutality and widespread use as means of terrorising the Ukrainian population. Also: ambivalent attitudes to home among Ukrainian refugees; and women’s voices on the reconstruction debate.

Cover for: Asymmetry and propaganda

Asymmetry and propaganda

Osteuropa 9–10/2022

German–Polish relations in focus: how PiS instrumentalises reparations in the run-up to the Sejm elections; and why the post-war asymmetry between the countries serves the interests of Poland’s nationalists.

Cover for: Incomplete Europe

Incomplete Europe

New Eastern Europe 1–2/2023

What the war in Ukraine has taught us about solidarity; why European democrats must insist on fair play; and Moldovan democracy under hybrid attack.

Cover for: Full circle in Turkey?

An earthquake preceded Erdoğan’s rise and another may have inaugurated his fall. In its January issue, Varlık reflects on perspectives for the Turkish left before the scheduled elections: how can the Labour and Freedom Alliance overcome historical dislocation and appeal to a socially conservative electorate?

Cover for: Decolonizing the future

Decolonizing the future

New Humanist 4/2022

What it means to be a good ancestor; why intelligence is more-than-human; and how the Huxleys combined agnosticism with transcendence.

Cover for: The remaining thousandth

The remaining thousandth

Ord&Bild 5/2022

On the documentary poetry of Jonas Mekas; multi-voiced personalism as literary genre; and the history of the Fens as ecological morality tale.

Cover for: Giving back the Bronzes

Giving back the Bronzes

Blätter für deutsche und internationale Politik 1/2023

How Germany is leading the way on the restitution of the Benin Bronzes; why nation state parochialism prevails over a European fourth estate; and how radical climate activism is bringing out the worst in Cold War conservatives.

Cover for: Clicks and tricks

Clicks and tricks

Vikerkaar 1–2/2023

Why organised labour in Estonia is weaker than almost anywhere in Europe; how the gig economy could be made to work for labour; and what familiarity with everyday tools tells us about our plastic fork culture.

Cover for: New war, old traumas

New war, old traumas

Krytyka 6/2022

Better late than never: decolonising Ukrainian academia. Also: the WWII diaries of literary critic Viktoriya Kolosova; placenames and language politics; and poetry on Jewish-Ukrainian legacies.

Cover for: The velvet divorce

The velvet divorce

A2/Kapitál 1/2023

Czech-Slovak reflections on the 30th anniversary of the breakup: why the partnership was unequal from the start; whether it was all the fault of Mečiar and Klaus; and why the Czechs really aren’t the more civilized.

Cover for: Crown confidential

Crown confidential

Index on Censorship 4/2022

How the British royal family seals the archives to preserve the myth of constitutional impartiality – and why the truth will out, if not in the courts then the Commonwealth.

Cover for: Serious listening

Serious listening

Positionen 4/2022

Featuring an interview with ambient pioneer Suzanne Ciani; the origins and meaning of ‘deep listening’; deconstructing the concert hall; and contemporary opera from Ukraine.

Cover for: Pronouncing and renouncing Russian imperialism

Why the West worries more about cancel culture than cultural annihilation; what orientalism means to eastern Europeans; and how Polish children’s literature is changing with the troubled times.

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