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Cover for: Forms of complicity

Forms of complicity

Index on Censorship 1/2020

Lest dissent seem easy from afar, ‘Index’ offers a global range of case studies showing ‘why and when we choose to censor ourselves’. Including articles on China’s CCTV culture, media dependencies in France, microchipping in Sweden, the crisis of Bulgarian journalism and much more.

Cover for: Reflecting on individualism

Reflecting on individualism

La Revue Novelle 2/2020

Belgian journal ‘La Revue nouvelle’ reflects on individualism and criticisms made of it. Why collective behaviour is by no means absent in contemporary society; what burnout tells us about social change; and whether individualism is necessary for creativity.

Cover for: Exploring group sociology

Exploring group sociology

Mittelweg 36 1/2020

When a group experiment carried out by the Frankfurt School in the 1950s revealed Holocaust denialism, it was rejected on methodological grounds, writes historian Johannes Platz in ‘Mittelweg 36’. It was not until the 1960s that the concept of the group became central to ‘the formatting of the social’.

Cover for: Discussing Soviet colonialism

A special issue of ‘Novoye literaturnoye obozrenie’ addressing Tsarist and Soviet colonial rule, alongside post-colonial Russian influence. Including articles on literature and decolonization in Tajikistan, the return anti-feminism in Kazakhstan, and the erasure of colonial history in Russia.

Cover for: Is context dead?

Is context dead?

Positionen 122 (2020)

Positionen asks whether contemporary music is liberated or reshaped by the media environment. Including articles on AI and composition and ‘schweigen’/silence as performance.

Cover for: The end of democracy is relative

Developments in the US and the UK provide ample evidence for those who think that democracy is under attack from within. But are they themselves the anti-democrats? According to Philip Manow in the March issue of ‘Merkur’, it’s all relative.

Cover for: A benign nationalism

A benign nationalism

Blätter für deutsche und internationale Politik 3/2020

Blätter looks into what happens when national memory is left to the Right.

Cover for: Contradictions between ecology and economy

‘Esprit’ explores contradictions between the ecological imperative and dominant economic logic. Including articles on the false expectations of the European Green Deal; green business and consumer passivity; and why technical innovation is not enough.

Cover for: The fragile individual

The fragile individual

Osteuropa 12/2019

‘Osteuropa’ focuses on politics in Poland, where the subordination of the judiciary enters its final stages. Also: tributes to the life and work of György Konrád (1933-2019).

Cover for: Sates of crisis

Sates of crisis

Letras Libres 3 /2020

‘Letras Libres’ focuses on constitutional crisis in Spain and globally, including articles on the impacts of EU membership on the Spanish state; regional autonomy and polarization; and Catholicism as state religion.

Cover for: Celebrating feminist writer Nezihe Meriç

‘Varlık’ devotes its March issue to the work of Nezihe Meriç (1925–2009), a pioneer of feminist literature in Turkey whose short stories and novels offer intimate portraits of the lives of women in the early years of the Republic.

Cover for: A lot of rubbish

A lot of rubbish

Razpotja 4/2019

What is rubbish and when does something become it? Slovenian journal ‘Razpotja’ devotes its tenth anniversary issue to the philosophy and economics of trash.

Cover for: Public media in Algeria

Public media in Algeria

NAQD 37 (2020)

NAQD on the crisis of public sector journalism in Algeria: how disinformation and propaganda perpetuates the current system. Also: why reliance on advertising threatens public broadcasting, and the arrested development of print media.

Cover for: Cause or consequence?

Cause or consequence?

il Mulino 6/2019

Il Mulino sees populism not as cause but consequence of the decline of representative democracy. Also, on reversing the neoliberal split between capitalism and democracy, and what the Pope means when he speaks of the people.

Cover for: Thinking rationally about climate crisis

New Humanist explores ‘more rational ways of thinking and talking about environmental disaster’, with articles on climate change and culture wars and the case for a Green New Deal. Also, the info-graphics of W. E. B. Du Bois, Christian pop and more.

Cover for: A very English populism

A very English populism

Soundings 73/2020

In Soundings: why the Johnson government marks the beginning of a peculiarly English form of populism. Also, the first in a new series on ‘other Europe’; the chances of the radical left in the EU; what social critique can learn from neurobiology; on the political possibilities of song; ‘queer comrades’ and much more.

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