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Cover for: Rethinking public health

Rethinking public health

Esprit 498 (2023)

How to stop disillusioned health professionals leaving the sector; and why health budgets must shift from treatment to prevention. Also: a black book of Assad; and America’s comeback as global good guy.

Cover for: The state of the Church

The state of the Church

New Humanist 2/2023

Turing off the tap for the Church of England: why state support for English Anglicanism belongs to the past. Also: Kenan Malik on the flaws of critical race theory.

Cover for: Collapsing (dis)orders

Collapsing (dis)orders

Wespennest 184 (2023)

On the Zeitenwende and other departures from familiar (dis)orders: post-pandemic neoliberalism, authoritarian reaction and solidarist solutions; in defence of etiquette; death cults in southern Italy; calendrical chaos; gender and ageing.

Cover for: Russia’s futures

Russia’s futures

Glänta 3–4/2022

Glänta translates selected articles from 2010–2022: including false predictions on the eve of Putin’s third term; despair after annexation; observations on the cult of victory; and attempts to think Russia’s future now.

Cover for: The challenge of inequality

The challenge of inequality

il Mulino 1/2023

On inequality and the Left: why coalition politics favours social democratic solutions; how a left revival hinges on inclusive growth; and whether the root problem may not be inequality but the weak state.

Cover for: Myths of landscape

Myths of landscape

O’r Pedwar Gwynt 1/2023

The rewilding controversy: challenging the restorative myth without ignoring agriculture’s environmental record. Also: history and sex education in the new Welsh school syllabus.

Cover for: Cold War past and present

Cold War past and present

NAQD 41–42 (2023)

Beyond spheres of influence: Cold War histories across four continents, including the bloc confrontation’s origins in Iran and the persistence of anti-communism in Brazil. Also: future scenarios for the Sino-American conflict.

Cover for: Ukrainian realities

Ukrainian realities

Krytyka 1–2/2023

An invasion in the making: why Russia’s intentions were apparent back in 1991. Also: the Kremlin’s military and political miscalculations – why bigger is not better; and resistance in Kherson – how the city survived despite everything.

Cover for: The ethics of suicide

The ethics of suicide

Samtiden 2/2023

Changing attitudes to suicide in Norway: how suicide was redefined by the media as a matter of public interest; why lowering the taboo is saving men’s lives; and a brief history of the ethics of suicide, from Plato to feminism.

Cover for: Art after the earthquake

Art after the earthquake

Varlık 4/2023

Turkish writers address questions, aesthetic and political, raised by the catastrophe: Is art appropriate amidst the suffering – or even possible? Did some think the patriarch would protect them? Will lessons be learned for Istanbul, likely site of the next apocalypse?

Cover for: For a participatory economy

For a participatory economy

Dialogi 11–12/2022

How individuals and communities can become autonomous co-creators of their lives: on practices of participatory economics, from cooperative housing to agricultural and credit cooperatives and joint musical creation.

Cover for: The causes of borders

The causes of borders

Soundings 82 (2022)

The transformation of the conditions to which borders are a response: on the case for abolition. Also: Why alter-politics has a future, and democratizing Germany’s corporatist public service model.

Cover for: Colonial genocide and law

German policy on colonial genocide: legal responsibility via a collective right of memory? Also: colonial currencies and relationships of debt, and the problem with the Federal Constitutional Court’s doctrine of neutrality.

Cover for: Progressives and reactionaries

Progressives and reactionaries

Fronesis 76-77 (2022)

Reconsidering the authoritarian personality: Are progressives really on the right side of history? Can Reich’s theory of sexuality explain today’s far-right? And is the manosphere more than a reactionary self-help forum?

Cover for: Translators of the world, unite!

Translators of the world, unite!

La Revue Nouvelle 1/2023

On translation as politicized practice: domestication versus foreignization; degendering and resistance; and the risks of translating feminist sociology back into Farsi.

Cover for: ‘The end of the big lie’

‘The end of the big lie’

Internazionale Storia 5 (2023)

Stalin through the journalism of his time: H.R. Knickerbocker’s interview with Ekaterina Geladze; Gareth Jones’s exposé of the Holodomor; W.E.B. Du Bois’s homage to a freedom fighter; and Raymond Aron’s optimism in 1956.

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