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Cover for: Growing old in a sick world

Growing old in a sick world

Cogito 98 (2020)

The pandemic has exposed Turkey’s blindness to its own aging population. On the humiliation of confinement experienced by the over-65s; the demographics of a society that has not noticed it has aged; and the psychological violence done by lockdown to vulnerable groups.

Cover for: When every thought goes public

When every thought goes public

Index on Censorship 2/2020

Index on Censorship explores the privacy impacts of contact tracing apps and other pandemic technologies: including articles on facial recognition and human rights; data protection and drone-use; and sexual privacy post-pandemic.

Cover for: Antisemitism and postcolonialism

Why both sides in Germany’s debate on antisemitism and postcolonialism need to pause and reflect; what Emil Nolde’s sunflowers say about his politics; and the thoughts of a pilgrim to Wagner’s Bayreuth.

Cover for: Husserl in Moravia

Husserl in Moravia

Kritika & Kontext 58 (2020)

New issue of the Slovak journal on Moravian-born philosopher Edmund Husserl. Contemporary phenomenologists from East and West discuss the cultural historical context of Husserl’s thought and its impact on the twentieth century.

Cover for: Wild west genetic engineering

Wild west genetic engineering

New Humanist 2/2020

How wild west genetic engineering is propelling the discussion on the regulation of human genome editing; why the theory of inherited trauma might explain the over-representation of Black people in psychiatry; and whether pacifism in Russia is making a comeback.

Cover for: Situating populism

Situating populism

Critique and Humanism 51 (2019)

The Bulgarian journal offers a situational definition of populism that goes beyond PR-strategies and political technologies, but also beyond platforms, ideologies and party organizations. Also: focuses on Russian media and technology–disinformation.

Cover for: Clenched fists don’t make political theatre

The Slovene journal talks to a theatre director taking political theatre beyond anticapitalist clichés; thoughts on the walkout as effective critique; and a debate on ‘punditocracy’.

Cover for: France’s poorest

France’s poorest

Revue Projet 6–7/2020

Revue Projet on poverty: France’s scrap metal economy between invisibility and stigmatization; why Macron’s counter-poverty measures are welcome but might not work; and photojournalism from the frontline of the battle against coronavirus.

Cover for: Where Italy fails

Where Italy fails

il Mulino 2/2020

COVID-19 shows where Italy fails, argue contributors to il Mulino: why a hyper-hierarchical working culture has prevented adaption; how distance learning reveals the weaknesses of the school system; and the impact of national debt on Italy’s relationship with the EU.

Cover for: Redefining city-state relations

Redefining city-state relations

Soundings 74 (2020)

UK journal Soundings focuses on the new municipalism: how Barcelona is recapturing sovereignty at city level; on municipalism and migration, populism and climate crisis; and ‘autogestion’ in Manchester.

Cover for: Resisting the social-spatial order

Austrian magazine dérive on agonistic urban democracy and new alliances from below; why tenants’ groups need to reclaim institutions; and how better communication prevents disappointment in participatory processes.

Cover for: Tenants’ consciousness

Tenants’ consciousness

Vikerkaar 6/2020

Estonian journal Vikerkaar on gendered domesticity and the double standards of state socialist gender politics; neo-Ottoman modernization and luxury development on the Belgrade waterfront; post-Soviet housing projects in Tartu; the philosophy of single-family homes, and more.

Cover for: The vision of M4BL

The vision of M4BL

Public Seminar Week of 12 June

Public Seminar engages with the intellectual production and vision of the Movement for Black Lives. Why elites need to focus on institutional structures and allocations of resources that reproduce violence; how regime change may be coming home to the USA; and pro and contra the campaign to defund the police.

Cover for: Nostrums of pandemic

Nostrums of pandemic

La Revue nouvelle 3/2020

The Belgian journal on why outmoded psychology can lead to misguided policy responses; the ‘cacophony of experts’ and the old question of reliability of sources; and why this supply-side crisis won’t be solved by banks alone.

Cover for: Historicizing hygiene

Historicizing hygiene

Baggrund March–May 2020

In the Danish online journal: Ignác Semmelweis, hand soap and the hygiene revolution; history of vaccination in Denmark; and Madagascan bathing rituals and the language of anthropology.

Cover for: The narrative cure

The narrative cure

Culture & Démocratie 51 (2020)

The Belgian journal on ‘folktales and society’: why the folktale can help communicate trauma; on folktales, deconstruction and the imaginary; and pedagogy and the dangers institutionalizing the vernacular.

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