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Cover for: Whither democracy?

Whither democracy?

New Eastern Europe 1–2/2021

In ‘New Eastern Europe’: why the 2021 Duma elections will be a stress-test for Putin’s centralized regime; the revelations of a former Belarusian policeman; and whether Biden will be better for eastern Europe than Obama.

Cover for: 150 years of Italian emigration

150 years of Italian emigration

Internazionale special issue 2020

A special issue of ‘Internazionale’ focuses on Italian emigration since the Risorgimento: including articles on how the Belgian, German and Brazilian press saw the new arrivals, their problems and achievements.  

Cover for: Digital practices

Digital practices

Mittelweg 36 1/2021

‘Mittelweg 36’ takes a praxeological perspective on digital technology: how selfie culture has changed our actions and interactions; why digitization is a mixed blessing for women; and what datafication does with our everyday lives.

Cover for: Calling time on Kundera

Calling time on Kundera

Krytyka 11–12/2020

In ‘Krytyka’ (Ukraine), Mykola Riabchuk explains why Kundera’s concept of Central Europe was about excluding anything east of Prague – and why recent developments have proven it redundant. Also: the literature of the Maidan and its folkloric origins; and Mykola Khvylovy’s Soviet orientalism.

Cover for: Unravelling national stories

Unravelling national stories

New Humanist 1/2021

In ‘New Humanist’ (UK): the colonial roots of Australian anti-environmentalism; the singularity myth and the limitations of the fascism debate; and where Christopher Hitchens’s disciples have ended up.

Cover for: Spectres of Polexit

Spectres of Polexit

Czas Kultury 4/2020

‘Czas Kultury’ looks at Poland’s constitutional crisis and anti-European drift: why liberals need to do more to communicate rule of law; how the politicization of the judiciary destabilizes society; and why democratic countries need creative challenge.

Cover for: Avantgarde pipe-dreams

Avantgarde pipe-dreams

NLO 167 (2021)

Russian journal ‘New Literary Observer’ focuses on the utopianism of the Soviet avantgarde: why ’20s architecture remained on paper; on urbanist versus de-urbanist futures; and how memorials constructed memory in real time.

Cover for: Playing the fool

Playing the fool

La Revue Nouvelle 1/2021

Belgian journal ‘La Revue Nouvelle’ explains how we can learn from the idiot: on inefficiency as resistance to surveillance capitalism; cosplay’s seriously transgressive fun; and life hacks as a way to beat collective mind control.

Cover for: The space between

The space between

O’r Pedwar Gwynt Winter 2020-21

Welsh journal O’r Pedwar Gwynt asks what the literature of independent Algeria reveals about cultural duality; how the Welsh experience of fragility is relevant to Europe; why women read real crime; and whether Jan Morris was best when writing about home.

Cover for: What next for Belarusian democracy?

Belarusian art mag ‘pARTisanka’ discusses the future of the country’s democracy movement. Including comparisons with Ukraine and the GDR, and the role of art during sustained political crisis.

Cover for: Paradoxes of solitude

Paradoxes of solitude

Vikerkaar 1–2/2021

Estonian mag ‘Vikerkaar’ considers the most extreme form of social distancing: solitude. Including articles on modernity and masturbation, solitary confinement in Estonian prisons, and a one-man newspaper.

Cover for: Correcting the metropolitan bias

Italian journal ‘Il Mulino’ turns to mountain matters: why a ‘metromont’ approach is better than green infrastructure; neo-ruralism and the limits of lifestyle politics; and the ecologically ‘delicate’ way to holiday.

Cover for: Scratching at the surface of Mark Rutte

Scratching at the surface of Mark Rutte

Dutch Review of Books 1/2021

‘Dutch Review of Books’ profiles Holland’s teflon PM, whose chances of re-election in March appear undamaged by the childcare benefits scandal that forced his resignation last month. Also: books on Suriname and the history of the Dutch slave trade.

Cover for: Work, care and liberty

Work, care and liberty

Ord&Bild 5/2020

In Swedish journal ‘Ord&Bild’, a literary reportage from the frontline of the gig economy; why the comparison with the AIDS pandemic is only apt to a degree; and a way out of the dead ends of left critique of work.

Cover for: Brexit’s revivalist fable

Brexit’s revivalist fable

Soundings 76 (2020–2021)

In Soundings, cultural historian Patrick Wright calls Brexit the conclusion of a forty-year culture war, beginning when the memory of WWII turned inwards; also, debate on the wisdom of left nationalism to win back the errant Labour voters in England’s ‘Red Wall’.

Cover for: Pleasure principles

Pleasure principles

rekto:verso 89 (2021)

Flemish journal rekto:verso asks what pleasure is and can be in times of lockdown. Including bad jokes and political inertia; the corruption of the carnivalesque; and ‘Black joy’ vs. grim capitalism.

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