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Cover for: Can we decommercialize housing?

European cities are a hotbed of real estate speculation and affordable housing is growing out of reach. Millennials and younger will not only not own homes, but are also losing their grip on renting. The new episode of Standard Time delves into the housing crisis.

Cover for: It's about time

Time – we’re all running out of it. Most of Europe’s time zones are still tuned to Hitler’s clock and it stumbles circadian rythyms. Time is a very judgmental area already, even before throwing policies into the mix.

Cover for: Comedy versus cancel culture

As we move on from cutting christmas trees to cutting personal ties, most of us are set on forging stronger bonds and resolutions this upcoming new year. Hopefully, we won’t get canceled as fast as Starbucks or Elon Musk. Our final episode for this year on Standard Time.

Cover for: Not so special treatment

A back-handed Christmas present: the EU takes dire steps to erode the right to asylum. Even the ‘warm welcome’ of Ukrainian refugees is crumbling. The holiday episode of Standard Time is here.

Cover for: Our toxic relationship with water 

There seems to be too much of it, yet still too little. The vital compound that enables life on Earth is often taken for granted. As we go about our bustling urban lives, we begin to lose grip of what it demands of us. New talk show episode premiere.

Cover for: Whom to trust

Public trust in media is breaking down. Admittedly, in many countries there was no golden age to return to – distrust and uncertainty are a survival strategy. Mercy Abang, Péter Krekó and Lina Chawaf talk credibility, hidden agendas, and what professions they want their kids to avoid.

Cover for: Syphillis soaring across Europe

An outburst of syphillis is sweeping across Europe, and new HIV infections are also steadily rising. And yet, the public discourse seems to view sexually transmitted infections as a thing of the past. In this surprisingly light-hearted episode of Standard Time, medical doctors and a sex work activist talk screening, education, and stigma.

Cover for: Exploring ageing

Exploring ageing

Introducing Eurozine’s new talk show

Ageing gracefully? Why not age disgracefully instead! Four generations discuss the problem of age, and why women just aren’t allowed to enjoy their time of life, on the first episode of Eurozine’s new venture.

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