Network activities

Eurozine is the network of European cultural journals that links 78 partner journals in 33 countries as well as associated publications and institutions. Eurozine is also an online magazine that publishes outstanding articles from the network – with additional translations – as well as its own articles on culture and politics. The network facilitates communication and perspectives that extend beyond linguistic and geographic barriers, offering an international readership a Europe-wide overview of themes and discussions and enabling communication and exchange between partners. In this way, Eurozine has for decades successfully provided a public space for transnational debates.

If you represent a European cultural journal and would like to apply for partnership, please contact us: All applications are reviewed by Eurozine together with its Editorial Board.

Find below a list of our ongoing and planned network-focused activities.

European Meeting of Cultural Journals

On 2-4 November 2018, Vienna will host the 29th European Meeting of Cultural Journals.

To mark the 35th anniversary since the first European Meeting of Cultural Journals in 1983, and the 20th anniversary since the launch of Eurozine, we are coming ‘home’ to Vienna.

The conference is first and foremost an opportunity for Eurozine partner journals and journalists to meet and debate, and like the previous meetings, it will cover a range of themes. But with this year also marking the anniversary of 1968 we will look in particular at the recent resurgence of the right in Europe, ask how far this can be seen as a mirror of the struggles of 50 years ago – and debate how we as cultural journalists should respond.

More details will follow in the weeks ahead: we look forward to welcoming you in Vienna in November.

Read about previous editions of the European Meeting of Cultural Journals here.

Collaborative Focal Points

Eurozine invites its partner journals and associates to contribute to collaborative focal points published in Eurozine and in participating journals.

Ongoing focal points

The worlds of cultural journals

Cultural journals have played a crucial role in the formation of the public spheres in Europe over the last two centuries, deeply influencing the way we argue, narrate, write and think. Yet, in the digital age, there is also uncertainty about their form and sustainability. In order to understand where cultural journals are headed, we need take stock of where they have come from. The collaborative focal point ‘The worlds of cultural journals’ contributes to this debate among journals and their readerships. The focal point will be published in collaboration with the Working Group on Periodical Studies. For more information about the project, including possible topics, procedure for contributing, funding and time-line, see here.

Internet technologies and democracy

Building on last year’s focal point ‘Disinformation and Democracy’, Eurozine is running the new focal point: ‘Internet technologies and democracy’. Articles will explore the role internet technologies play in strengthening and threatening democratic processes and institutions. The project is a partnership with the National Endowment for Democracy. For more information about the project, including procedure for contributing, possible topics, funding and time-line, see here.

Completed focal points

The collaborative focal point Disinformation and democracy was published in 2017 by Eurozine in cooperation with Eurozine partner journals: Blätter für deutsche und internationale Politik, Critique&Humanism, Esprit, Kulturos Barai, Sens Public, Symbol, Varlik andWespennest, as well as US-based Public Seminar.

Eurozine Funding Opportunities Outlook

Eurozine monitors upcoming funding opportunities on the international level that are relevant to cultural journalists, such as translation funds, mobility grants and project funding. The Eurozine Funding Opportunities Outlook was started in March 2018 and the list, which is openly accessible, will be updated regularly by Eurozine’s staff. Partners and associates are updated on new calls via Eurozine’s internal Partner Newsletter.

Eurozine Translations Pool

Since July 2017, Eurozine co-finances translations of texts to be published by Eurozine’s partner journals and associates. In doing so, the Eurozine Translations Pool contributes to the internationalisation of cultural works in Europe. So far, a total of 55 translations were financed or co-financed. The current call is available here. Please note that currently only Eurozine partner journals and associates are eligible to apply for the programme.

Eurozine Online Workshops

Eurozine’s Online Workshops will provide a platform for cultural journalists to share their expertise with each other as well as external experts and thus develop their publishing activities.

Editors’ Roundtable 

On 26 April 2018 (14:00-15:00 CET), Eurozine held its first online Editors’ Roundtable for partner journals and other interested parties. Eurozine editors presented ongoing network-wide projects, including collaborative focal points, and six editors of partner journals presented their medium-term publishing plans; participants then shared contacts for possible writers on other journals’ respective themes, and discussed ideas and opportunities for cooperation. By taking part, participants agreed not to share other participants’ publishing plans outside the roundtable without their consent. For more information, see here. Several more network editors expressed an interest in participating in the next Editors’ Roundtable, the date of which will be announced shortly.

Eurozine ​online meeting: How to increase print readership?

On Tuesday, 31 July 2018 (15:00-16:00 CET), Eurozine held an online meeting for partner journals and other interested parties on how to increase print readership. Six editors shared their experiences and strategies to boost sales of print edition; in addition, figures from the European Cultural Journals study were presented by Eurozine team. Participants were exchanging views on how to distribute cultural journals and expand their reach to a broader audience. Several interesting ideas and possibilities for new approaches and mutual cooperation were discussed. Find more information here. 

Eurozine Cultural Journals Study (upcoming)

In the course of 2018 Eurozine will provide information on European research projects with a focus on cultural journals, including the European Cultural Journals Study, which is currently being carried out by the University of Groningen.


Eurozine and its network activities are co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union (“European Networks”).