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Breaking bread

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While climate change is high up the media agenda, its impacts on food and water systems remain under-investigated. But as the end of abundance becomes an everyday experience in Europe, we are thinking more closely about how our food reaches the table.

Lower yields, higher prices and struggling communities are just some of the social and economic costs of water scarcity and extreme weather. But how and what we eat is also inextricable from identity, tradition and cultural life. Food and water systems under pressure bring these questions to the fore.

The series ‘Breaking bread’ explores political, social and cultural aspects of food and water across European societies, highlighting the dangers of a parched planet while picking out some seeds for a fair and sustainable food and water system to come.

An editorial collaboration between Eurozine and Green European Journal, with the support of the EU Parliament to the Green European Foundation.

Image: Membeth / source: Wikimedia Commons

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