• D'Eramo, Giulio

    is an Italian journalist based in London from where he provides “Italian news and news…

  • Dahl, Robert A.

    (b.1915 in Inwood, Iowa). Sterling Professor of Political Science Emeritus at Yale University. As a…

  • Dahlberg, Anna

    is a political columnist at the Swedish daily Expressen

  • Dahlberg, Göran

    is the founder and editor of the Swedish cultural journal and publishing house Glänta and…

  • Dahn, Daniela

    is a German writer and journalist

  • Dahrendorf, Ralf

    was born in Hamburg in 1929. He died in Cologne 17 June 2009. He was…

  • Dăianu, Daniel

    is a Romanian economist and a member of the Board of the National Bank of Romania…

  • Dalos, György

    (b.1943) is a freelance author and co-publisher of the weekly Freitag

  • Damien Deamilly,

    holds a master degree in engineering and a PhD in economics. His academic work focused…

  • Damoisel, Mathilde

    Documentary film director of Soukhoumi, rive noire, a film on the recent history of Abchasia

  • Daniel, Alexander

    (b.1951) worked on a number of samizdat magazines, such as Chronicle of Current Affairs, during…

  • Dany, Hans-Christian

    was born in 1966 in Hamburg. Since 1989 his works have been published in a…

  • Darnton, Robert

    born 1939 in New York, educated at Harvard College and Oxford University, worked as reporter…

  • Dastoli, Pier Virgilio

    is President of the Italian Council of the European Movement, member of the Spinelli Group…

  • Dath, Dietmar

    is an author and journalist. His most recent book is Maschinenwinter. Wissen, Technik, Sozialismus. Eine…

  • Dauksa, Audrius

    is a Lithuanian political scientist

  • Daum, Christine

    studied film studies, philosophy, and psychology. She works as a television journalist and filmmaker

  • Dauvergne, Peter

    is Professor of International Relations at the University of British Columbia in Canada. Dauvergne is…

  • Davies, Simon

    is director general of Privacy International

  • Davis, Mike

    is an American social commentator, urban theorist, historian, and political activist. His books include: City…

  • Davison, Sally

    is co-editor of Soundings

  • Davoliute, Violeta

    is a member of the Centre for Comparative Literature at the University of Toronto

  • Davydova, Marina

    Marina Davydova is a theatre critic, historian, and producer. She is editor-in-chief of the journal…

  • de Bastion, Geraldine

    is a political consultant for newthinking communications GmbH

  • De Benedictis, Rocco

    After his studies at the University of Urbino, De Benedictis taught cinematography at the same…

  • de Borja Lasheras, Francisco

    (San Sebastián, 1981) is director of the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) in Madrid

  • de Brie, Christian

    Journalist, former editor of Le Monde diplomatique

  • de Coorebyter, Vincent

    is a Belgian political scientist and the director of CRISP – Centre for socio-political research…

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