Hilla Dayan

Lecturer at Amsterdam University College. She is currently working on a book on Europe and Middle Eastern Jews, Memory, Heritage and Postcolonial Entanglements at Iméra Institute for Advanced Studies, Science Po Aix (Albert Hirschman Chair, the Passions of Identity between Europe and the Mediterranean), and as a Remarque Institute Fellow, NYU, New York. Her work was published in Zone Books’ The Power of Inclusive Exclusion, Anatomy of the Israeli rule in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. She wrote on neo-Zionism for Critical Inquiry and Settler-Colonial studies and contributed chapters to New Authoritarian Practices in the MENA as well as a chapter on Mizrahi memory and heritage in European Memory in Populism. She is co-founder of gate48, platform for critical Israelis in the Netherlands and Academia for Equality, members organization for the democratization of Israeli academia and society.


Cover for: Antisemitism, anti-Palestinian racism and Europe

Antisemitism, anti-Palestinian racism and Europe

A plea for a critical and democratic debate

The EU and individual European countries are not bystanders to the ‘Israel-Palestine conflict’ but enmeshed in it both historically and today. Using charges of antisemitism to preempt criticism of Israel doesn’t just erode the concept morally and politically, but also excuses Europe of its responsibility for the Palestinians’ oppression.

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