• Saar, Martin

    is a philosopher and teaches political theory and history of ideas at Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University…

  • Saarts, Tonis

    is a political scientist at the University of Tallinn

  • Sabec, Ksenija

    is Dialogi’s editor for cultural studies

  • Sabeva, Svetlana

    Historian, Bulgaria

  • Sadowski, Yahya

    Visiting Associate Professor in Middle East Studies at the American University in Beirut

  • Safak, Elif

    (b. 1971) is a novelist and a professor of Near Eastern Studies at the University…

  • Safronovas, Vasilijus

    is a Lithuanian historian, research fellow at the Institute of Baltic Sea Region History and…

  • Sahlström, Olle

    (born 1948) is a Swedish author

  • Saïb Musette, Mohamed

    is an Algerian sociologist at the Centre de Recherche en Economie Appliquée pour le Développement…

  • Saini, Angela

    is a science journalist based in London

  • Sakwa, Richard

    Professor of Russian and European Politics at the University of Kent. Recent publication: The Crisis…

  • Salamon, János

    is professor of philosophy at McDaniel College, Budapest and author of The Metaphysical Structure of…

  • Salustro, Marco

    made the Vice News special Europe or Die, Libya’s Migrant Trade and is the winner…

  • Salvatori , Maria Vittoria

    Maria Vittoria Salvatori has a background in Economics and Politics, graduating from the University of…

  • Samalavičius, Almantas

    is associate editor of the Lithuanian cultural journal Kulturos Barai and editor-in-chief of The Journal…

  • Samarago, José

    was born 1922 in Azinhaga, in the province of Ribatejo, Portugal. The author lives on…

  • Samary, Catherine

    teaches at the University Paris-Dauphine. She is co-author of Conflits yougoslaves de A à Z”…

  • Sambrook, Richard

    is director of the Global News Division of the BBC

  • Sampson, Fiona

    British poet and writer. She is published in thirty-seven languages and has received a number…

  • Samuel, Sajay

    is Clinical Professor of Accounting at SMEAL College of Business, Penn State University and editor…

  • Sánchez Cedillo, Raúl

    is a Spanish activist and translator based in Madrid

  • Sanchez Incera, Laetitia

    Laetitia Sanchez Incera holds Masters in International Law from the School of Oriental and African…

  • Sánchez, Juan Luis

    is a Spanish journalist and deputy editor of eldiario.es

  • Sandnes, Cathrine

    (b. 1972) is editor of Samtiden. She contributes extensively to debates on feminism, literature and…

  • Sannikov, Andrei

    is a Belarusian activist. He ran in the 2010 presidential elections against Alexander Lukashenka and…

  • Sapper, Manfred

    is editor-in-chief of the journal Osteuropa

  • Sarajlic, Eldar

    is a PhD candidate in political theory at the Central European University in Budapest

  • Sarkdemir, Hakan

    is editor of Karagöz

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