János Salamon

is professor of philosophy at McDaniel College, Budapest and author of The Metaphysical Structure of Solitude, Budapest: Attraktor, 2003. He is a regular contributor to Élet és Irodalom.


The rioting in Budapest in October 2006 following Ferenc Gyurscány’s “lying speech” was the result of deep divisions in Hungarian society. Political antagonism in Hungary, played out via historical symbols, has prompted commentators in Hungary to talk about a “civil war mentality” in the country. Eurozine asks Hungarian journalists, authors, and publishers how it has come to this.

The afternoon of a pragmatist faun

Richard Rorty (1931-2007)

In a fundamentally non-philosophical age, Richard Rorty offered a fast and easy solution to a fundamental philosophical question, writes János Salamon. His critique of universalism constituted a liberation but left no alternative to moral ethnocentrism.

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