• Kaaristo, Maarja

  • Kabakchieva, Petya

    Associate Prof. and Head of the Department of Sociology, Sofia University. Visiting fellow at the…

  • Kadare, Ismail

    (b.1936 in Gjirokastër, Albania) is a world-renowned writer. Just before the fall of communism in…

  • Kadioglu, Ayse

    is Professor of Political Sciences at Sabanci University. She is the author of Symbiotic Antagonisms…

  • Kadritzke, Niels

    is editor at the German Le Monde diplomatique

  • Kadritzke, Ulf

    is professor of sociology at the Fachhochschule für Wirtschaft in Berlin (Berlin School of Economics)

  • Kaehne, Axel

    is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Cardiff. Researches on liberalism and the construction…

  • Kahn-Harris, Keith

    is a sociologist with an interest in contemporary Jewish identity and culture and the convenor…

  • Kahrs, Andreas

    is PhD Student in History at Humboldt University Berlin. He studied History and Political Science…

  • Kaika, Maria

    is Professor of Human Geography in the School of Education, Environment and Development at Manchester…

  • Kaiser, Wolfram

    is Professor of European Studies at the University of Portsmouth, England, and Visiting Professor at…

  • Kakar, Sudhir

    (b.1938) is a psychoanalyst and author. He has taught in numerous universities in the US…

  • Kalb, Don

    is a professor in social anthropology in Central European University, Budapest, and the author of…

  • Kalbazyk, Maria A.

    is a journalist

  • Kaldor, Mary

    is professor at London School of Economics

  • Kali, Kinga

    is a Transylvanian Hungarian-Armenian writer-anthropologist

  • Kalina, Pavel

    is an art historian

  • Kallen, Eve-Marie

    is a freelance journalist and publisher of the magazine Anachronia. She has published interviews with…

  • Kaloianov, Radostin

    is a fellow of the Institute of Conflict Research (Institut für Konfliktforschung), Vienna

  • Kaminski, Matthew

    is the executive editor of POLITICO’s European edition, which launched in April 2015. He was…

  • Kamleithner, Christa

    is a research fellow at the Universität der Künste, Berlin, and teaches at the Center…

  • Kamysh, Markian

    is a Ukrainian writer and researcher who has researched the Chernobyl Zone since 2010

  • Kanopkiene, Laima

    is journalist, art-critic and deputy editor of the Lithuanian journal Kulturos barai

  • Kantaria, Ketevan

    is a Georgian freelance journalist currently based in London

  • Kapeliouk, Amnon

    is a journalist in Jerusalem

  • Kaplinski, Jaan

    (b.1941 in Tartu, Estonia) studied linguistics at the University of Tartu. He is a poet…

  • Kapur, Akash

    is contributing editor at “Transitions” magazine and Squadron Fellow in media law at Cardoso Law…

  • Kapushevska-Drakulevska, Lidija

    is associate professor at the Department of General and Comparative Literature, Faculty of Philology “Blaze…

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