Angelina Kariakina

is editor-in-chief at the independent media project Hromadske TV, Kyiv, which she joined in 2015 as a journalist and presenter ( / In July 2017, she was a guest of the Ukraine in European Dialogue programme at the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) in Vienna.


Cover for: Security over liberty?

Security over liberty?

The double threat to Ukrainian democracy

Five years after the revolution at Maidan, Ukraine faces a very limited choice: either giving in to Russian aggression or tolerating domestic corruption. Martial law was recently imposed after Russia blocked the Azov Sea, yet official reasons for the state of emergency seem to disguise political power play.

Cover for: No joke: Ukraine’s grassroots public-service broadcaster

Ukrainian media are forced to choose between ‘patriotic’ journalism and impartiality. Angelina Kariakina explains why having a public-service broadcaster can be a game-changer in Ukraine’s fight against Russian military aggression and ongoing corruption.