Ilya Kalinin

is Associate Professor at Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences, St.-Petersburg State University and Editor in Chief of Emergency Rations: Debates on Politics and Culture. His research focuses on early Soviet Russian intellectual and cultural history, practices of self-fashioning of the Soviet Subject, and the historical and cultural politics of contemporary Russia, including post-Soviet social and cultural transformations, contemporary Russian politics of history, and the dialectics of modernization and demodernization and contemporary Russian identity politics.


Cover for: Soviet Atlantis

Soviet Atlantis

A melancholic fantasy of the post-Soviet subject

On the Cape of Tarkhankut on the western shores of Crimea lies an underwater ‘graveyard’ of statues from the Soviet past. The museum is a metaphor for how cultural memories are formed in a shared unconscious traumatized by loss and unable to adjust to the new order of things, writes Ilya Kalinin.