Sudhir Kakar

(b.1938) is a psychoanalyst and author. He has taught in numerous universities in the US, Asia, and Europe. His most recent publications are: Die Inder. Porträt eine Gesellschaft [The Indians. Portrait of a society] (2006); Schamanen, Mystiker und Ärtzte. Wie die Inder die Seele heilen [Shamans, mystics, and doctors] (2006); Liebe aus Indien [Love from India] (ed.) (2006) (all books C.H. Beck).


On the Indian view of things

Adolf Holl in conversation with Sudhir Kakar

Austrian theorist of religion Adolf Holl talks to Indian psychoanalyst and author Sudhir Kakar on the publication of Kakar’s latest book, “The Indians. Portrait of a Society”. Their conversation covers a range of topics from the boundaries of the ego in Western and Indian culture, the male and female principles in Christianity and Hinduism, globalization and religious fundamentalism in contemporary India, and the role of the psychoanalyst-astrologer in the two cultures.

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