Anna Dahlberg

Offering undocumented migrants the assistance that they need is well within the means of EU member states, says Fabrizio Gatti in conversation with Glänta editors Göran Dahlberg and Linn Hansén. Instead, governments continue to bicker among themselves as to who is to pay and people continue to fall prey to the traffickers.

Konkurrensen om oljan kan leda till ett “energins kalla krig” mellan Kina och USA. Anna Dahlberg jagar nytt tänk bland Amerikas nykonservativa, svenska miljövänner och terrorns strateger.

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A long-standing media diversity policy in Sweden means journals such as Glänta and Ord&Bild enjoy an exceptional degree of stability. The question is how, amidst the massive changes affecting other media, they can turn the particular character of the cultural journal into a strength.

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