Sally Davison

Convenor of the Soundings editorial collective. She was for many years managing editor of the publisher Lawrence & Wishart, and before that she worked for Marxism Today, CND, and as a teacher.


Cover for: ‘An outrageous expansion’

‘An outrageous expansion’

Soundings, the New Left and the boundaries of politics and culture

Rejection of rigid Marxist orthodoxies and a strong focus on the cultural forces shaping politics and society were central to New Left thought after 1956. The British journal Soundings, co-founded by the influential New Left thinker Stuart Hall, emerged from this tradition.

Redefining politics

Soundings, UK

Given that politics is traditionally seen as a male area, commissioning women writers is never easy for Soundings. One solution has been an attempt to redefine politics such that its agenda becomes more women-centred. However, explains Sally Davison, moves to equality usually involve the need for a redistribution of resources and can cause conflict.

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