György Dalos

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16 September 2002

Antisemitismus im Gepäck

Der Antisemitismus kehrt in West- und Osteuropa in unterschiedlichen Formen zurück. Wie es dazu kommen konnte und worin die Unterschiede zwischen Ost und West bestehen, untersucht György Dalos in diesem Artikel.

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While there are many differences between the Kundera case and those of other eastern European intellectuals revealed as having informed to the secret police, its disclosure has followed the usual pattern. It is important to evaluate each on an individual basis, cautions György Dalos.

The Hungarian writer György Dalos reports that the dictum of old remains: It is one thing to fight a verbal war on home ground, and quite another to play such complaints and information to the outside, abroad. However, he argues, there is no longer such a thing as a divided national and international publicity as information can flow freely from country to country, so should the discussion about it.