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Feminists have long criticized the adequacy of consent in defining non-coercive heterosexual sex. In order to comprehend the grey area between unwilling yet consensual sex, and outright sexual assault and rape, the concept of ‘unjust sex’ is increasingly used. As Ann J. Cahill argues, unjust sex is sex that a woman is pressured into having, but in which her agency still plays a role.

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Deprived of its normative core and disappointed in its hopes for universal justice, contemporary liberalism is mute in the face of current conflicts and crises. Regina Kreide seeks reasons for liberal theory’s loss of relevance in today’s violent, chaotic and radically unequal world.

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Der vorliegende Essay ist der Text einer Vorlesung, mit der am 3. Dezember 2015 im Einstein Forum in Potsdam das vom Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung ausgerichtete 21. Berliner Colloquium zur Zeitgeschichte unter dem Titel “Humanitarian Ethics” eröffnet wurde.

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The ethno-nationalist response to immigration entrenches the very alienation that it purports to overcome. In order to escape inertia and rejuvenate our societies, what we need instead is a politics of adaptation, argues sociologist Hartmut Rosa.