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The European Cultural Foundation is an independent foundation working for a united Europe. We promote a European sentiment through culture, by developing and supporting initiatives that let us share, experience and imagine Europe.


Header photo: César Lucas Abreu, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0, via Flickr

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Cover for: The trillion euro question

The EU needs to prove itself the champion it has long been projected to be, argues André Wilkens in our interview about recovery funds, cultural transformation, budget lines and bank holidays. The director of the European Cultural Foundation also addresses his own pandemic experience as a migratory cultural agent.

Cover for: We, the people

We, the people

Forum on European Culture Livestream, 18-20 September

Afropean identity, women’s cinema, racism in football and a Dutch Kurdish choir addressing domestic violence – there’s something for all discerning tastes this weekend.

Cover for: The paper pain

‘My pain is deciphered and therefore human. She, on the other hand is a muted creature; easier to misinterpret and, finally, dehumanize.’ Ece Temelkuran describes her deep unease at being referred to as an ‘exile’ and how, despite that public role, she shares a fundamental experience with the unnamed refugee.

Cover for: Civic engagement in the twenty-first century

Disinformation and audience fragmentation pose major questions for the future of the public sphere. Media literacy is increasingly being seen as one response. But what precisely is to be taught? Central to one media literacy project in Croatia is giving voice to migrants and refugees.

Focal points

Cover for: Fragmentation and solidarity in Europe

Austerity policies have contributed to social fragmentation and the rise of populist nationalism across Europe. However, alternative inter-local forms of mobilization around the commons may yet revive solidarities and keep the prospect of a common Europe alive.

Cover for: Debating Solidarity in Europe

In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, questions of inequality and solidarity have become intertwined. Over the past year, however, questions of solidarity have also been central in connection to the treatment of refugees and migrants.

Cover for: Culture and the commons

Drawing on affinities between Eurozine's publishing activities and the European Cultural Foundation's Connected Action for the Commons programme, we launch a new focal point exploring the prospects for a commons where cultural and social activists meet with a broader public to create new ways of living together.

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