Anna Wójcik

is Assistant Editor at Visegrad Insight and Res Publica Nowa.


Cover for: In defence of Europe’s memory laws

The legal regulation of historical discourse poses significant risks. But there are two, exceptional cases in which memory laws protect free speech, argue Grażyna Baranowska and Anna Wójcik.

Cover for: Mobilizing law for solidarity

The enfranchisement of migrants can overcome the democratic deficit, however ethno-nationalism’s xenophobic understanding of the political community requires a political, not a legal solution, argues social anthropologist Shalini Randeria.

Atoms don't smile

A conversation with Lev Manovich

Not only is it time to modernize the humanities but also to humanize technology, says Lev Manovich, new media theorist and professor at The Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY). Manovich explains how to use big data to question the way we think about and study culture.


Work-life balance, or success?

A conversation with the economist Alison Wolf

The extent to which working women are now creating a new society is unprecedented in human history, says Alison Wolf. And yet, the uncomfortable truth remains that everyone tends to take care only of his or her own social group.

Anti-ACTA protest

Despite residual hostility to state surveillance, the Polish response to the NSA affair both at the political and public levels was strongly pro-American. Will campaigning be able to change mainstream indifference to privacy issues? Anna Wójcik of Res Publica Nowa reports.

Cover for: Culture challengers

Culture challengers

Innovation in central and eastern Europe

The region is bustling with brilliant young minds in the world of arts and ideas. Anna Wójcik reports on a new project that profiles the most innovative among them: the culture challengers who, in the way that the intelligentsia once did, pick up and run with the key transformational ideas of our times.

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