André Wilkens

director of the European Cultural Foundation, a social entrepreneur and author from Berlin, who works on European and international affairs, equality, climate change as well as for a more human digital world. He graduated in Political Sciences and spent many years living in Brussels, London, Turin and Geneva, working for the EU, the United Nations and various foundations. He initiated and is a founding member of the European Council for Foreign Relations.

Wilkens is the author of two successful books and various essay collections. He will remain on the board of Die Offene Gesellschaft which he co-founded in 2016.


Cover for: No more turning a blind eye

Russian aggression, climate disaster and technological singularity – it takes a professional optimist to seek the humanist potential in these threats. An interview with André Wilkens, director of the European Cultural Foundation.

Cover for: Why it united in the first place

Ukraine seems to be more dedicated to European unity than the EU itself. And despite the Kremlin’s best attempts to isolate Russians, a tipping point is inevitable. Until then, we must support cultural workers – their presence is crucial for meaningful change, argues André Wilkens on the podcast.

Cover for: The trillion euro question

The EU needs to prove itself the champion it has long been projected to be, argues André Wilkens in our interview about recovery funds, cultural transformation, budget lines and bank holidays. The director of the European Cultural Foundation also addresses his own pandemic experience as a migratory cultural agent.