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Cover for: Essays on the essay

Essays on the essay

Wespennest 177 (2019)

‘Fifty years is a long time – a financial institution this old would probably be called “systemically relevant”.’ The Austrian journal turns fifty and dedicates its anniversary issue to the essay genre – past, present and future.

Cover for: Thirty years of feminist historiography

L’Homme – The European Journal for Feminist History – marks thirty years of publishing by looking back at the ways in which its changing team of publishers, editors and authors have shaped how feminist historiography has positioned itself.

Cover for: Arendt and the history of fascism

Arendt and the history of fascism

Kritika & Kontext 55 (2019)

Slovak journal Kritika & Kontext returns to Arendt on refugees and debates histories of the First Slovak Republic

Cover for: A tale of exclusion

Turkish online journal K24 looks at literature, urban life, and ecology, praising novelist Ayşegül Devecioğlu’s treatment of neglected people and places, interviewing novelist, critic, and scriptwriter Selim İleri, and examines the history and precarious future of Turkey’s forests.

Cover for: The cowardice of active obedience

The latest 2000 looks at the intersection between art and ethics, remembering forgotten Jewish-Hungarian star actor and theatre director Jenő Janovics, asking whether the greatest form of cowardice is to unquestioningly obey unjust authority figures, and taking another look at a photo-portrait of Marcel Duchamp that makes us reconsider the artist’s genius.

Cover for: Challenging barriers to free thought

Challenging barriers to free thought

Index on Censorship 3/2019

Index looks at the increasing barriers to free thought worldwide: including reports on journalistic self-censorship, freedom of expression for LGBT travellers, the roll-out of Chinese surveillance tech; and Germany’s latest spyware bill.

Cover for: Mapping the new political world

Midway through Macron’s presidency, ‘Esprit’ asks whether we have entered a new political world, with contributions on the crisis of democratic representation, the role of social networks, the mutations of political personalization and new forms of mobilization.

Cover for: Plastic, popes and poetry

Plastic, popes and poetry

Le Monde diplomatique 10/2019

In the Norwegian edition of the monthly ‘Le Monde diplomatique’: the realities of plastic waste recycling; Catholic anti-modernism and the disappointment of Francis; and the early poems of Jan Erik Vold.

Cover for: Houellebecq’s anti-utopianism

Norwegian quarterly ‘Vagant’ focuses on Michel Houellebecq: the former agronomist on a mission against righteousness. Also: the meaning of Houellebecq’s nicotine addiction and a Houellebecq lexicon from ‘air conditioning’ to ‘zapper generation’.

Cover for: Contrasting histories of imperial Britain

In Norwegian monthly ‘Ny Tid’ – the forum for essayistic reviews of international titles: contrasting histories of the age of British imperialism and green philosophy from Heidegger to Guattari.

Cover for: A long, fond look at Norwegian agriculture

Norwegian quarterly ‘Syn og Segn’ warns against the rise of agribusinesses: how to realize Norway’s potential for self-subsistence? Also, Iceland’s president Guðni Jóhannesson on the republic’s constitutional system.

Cover for: Italian media and politics

Italian media and politics

il Mulino 4/2019

In a dossier on media and public opinion, ‘Il Mulino’ debates hate speech and the new populism; reading habits and the crisis of critical thought; and traditional media’s susceptibility to disinfo. Also: an interview with Turkish-Kurdish writer Burhan Sönmez.

Cover for: Black Sea in focus

Black Sea in focus

New Eastern Europe 5/2019

New Eastern Europe (Poland) focuses on growing interdependencies in the Black Sea region and the role of international actors in its development. Also: the long and complicated history of Ukrainian-German relations; and Kremlin cooption of Russia’s independent music scene.

Cover for: Gender effacement in the cultural sector

Gender effacement in the cultural sector

Culture & Démocratie (Belgium) 6/2019

New Eurozine partner journal ‘Culture & Démocratie’ (Belgium) calls out gender discrepancies in the cultural industries. Including Nadine Plateau on ‘subverting the symbolic’, Alexandra Adriaenssens on statistical effacement, and Bwanga Pilipili and Petra Van Brabant on educating for equality.

Cover for: Delusions of digital capitalism

Delusions of digital capitalism

Blätter für deutsche und internationale Politik 10/2019

In Blätter, Birgit Mahnkopf refutes claims about automation’s brave new world: worsening job quality expected in exporting nations, massive unemployment set to disrupt the Global South. Also: controversy over the definition of the museum; and British parliamentarism beyond the ‘extreme centre’.

Cover for: Canon controversy

Canon controversy

Merkur 9/2019

Tired debates over the artistic canon replace critique of sexism, racism and classism in education, argues Hanna Engelmeier in Merkur (Germany). Also: re-reading the GDR’s literature of disappointment, and national populism thought outside the liberal box.

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