Razpotja [“Crossroads”] is a quarterly magazine in Slovenian, aimed at fostering an informed public discussion on issues of general concern. Founded in 2010, it has become one of the leading cultural and intellectual magazines in Slovenia. With a young editorial board (the average age being 31), it provides a platform for informed non-academic debate, mostly written from the perspective of the millennial generation.

Each issue is dedicated to a topic of broad public interest, approached in the form of longreads articulating different standpoints. These articles are usually selected from responses to an open call for papers, thus enabling the participation of emergent authors.

Every issue also includes an essay with a philosophical take on current social phenomena (Reflection), and an exploration of cultural and identity issues in different European countries, mostly written by emergent European authors (Café Europa). The former is alternated with the section American Diner, which contains essays on US culture and society. In addition, there are regular sections for analyses of global affairs, interviews, and articles on cultural topics and local issues.

Since 2014, Razpotja has also collaborated with young Slovenian illustrators, who contribute illustrations and visual essays relating to the main topic of the issue.

Website: www.razpotja.si
Facebook: www.facebook.com/razpotja
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Razpotja


Journal's articles

Words that offend

Valtònyc on social inequality, terror and free speech in Catalonia

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