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14 September 2010

Democracy "live"

The marketization of the media combines with digital media technology to create a political order determined by public opinion. For political decision-making, the question whether opinion is right or wrong becomes secondary to its legitimacy as a form of feedback.

Is accepting the Foucaultian claim that the subject is constituted by power tantamount to denying the possibility of emancipatory resistance? Not necessarily argues Amy Allen, taking a Habermasian detour to articulate a politics of opposition to gender subordination that is both individual and collective.

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The pragmatist renunciation of sociology’s critical exclusivity is reversed in the recent thought of Luc Boltanski, as capitalist “displacements” to the world of work together with new and complex forms of domination demand the return to a critical methodology. Unlike others of his generation, however, Boltanski’s arguments for change do not extend to democracy itself, writes Boyan Znepolski.

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