Réka Kinga Papp

is editor-in chief at Eurozine since November 2018.

Papp is a journalist specializing in environmental, social and human rights issues, anchoring a Hungarian speaking social science infotainment radio programme Professzor Paprika and author of a book on sex work and prostitution in Hungary, Aki kurvának áll: szexmunka sztorik (‘Once You Enrol As a Whore: Sex Work Stories’ Kossuth 2017).


Cover for: Decriminalizing childbirth

Decriminalizing childbirth

Power dynamics in Hungarian birthing care

Giving birth at home was only recently legalized in Hungary, and one of its leading advocates still faces prosecution. Attitudes towards birth touch on the history of medicine, the place of women in society, and why mothers feel compelled to pay bribes to have their children delivered.

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