Are crises necessary?

Watch Debates on Europe: Budapest & Beyond

As a historian his expectations are gloomy, but as a political writer his optimism is strategic: Timothy Garton Ash talks about the European Union’s internal flaws and debates whether crises and collapses are always necessary for renewal.

The anti-democratic surge in Hungary, Poland and Slovenia, is ‘as major an existential challenge for the European Union as is the Eurozone, the post-covid recovery and the relations with Russia and China’, says Timothy Garton Ash in the talk opening the event Debates on Europe: Budapest & Beyond. Defending Intellectual Freedom.

‘It’s very hard to think of a time in modern history, where Hungary has been more important in the larger European context’, adds the historian in a discussion with Gian-Paolo Accardo, editor-in-chief of VoxEurop, and Réka Kinga Papp, Eurozine’s editor-in-chief.

Published 4 May 2021
Original in English


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