• Hennigan, Tom

    is the South America correspondent for The Irish Times and is based in São Paulo…

  • Hennoste, Tiit

    is a research fellow, media analyst and media consultant at the University of Tartu

  • Hepp, Andreas

    born 1970, studied German philology, political science and media communication at the University of Trier…

  • Hermann, Ulrike

    is economic correspondent for the taz

  • Hernández, Isabel

    is professor in German Literature at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain)

  • Herrenschmidt, Clarisse

    (b.1946, Strasbourg, France) lives near Paris and is a researcher at the CNRS. She began…

  • Herwig, Jana

    is a doctoral student and university assistant at the Institute for Theatre, Film and Media…

  • Herzog, Dagmar

    (1961) is professor of history at the The Graduate Center, City University of New York…

  • Hess, Ewa

    Germanist, head of the culture department of Sonntagszeitung in Zurich

  • Heßler, Martina

    is Professor of Social, Economic and Technical History at Helmut-Schmidt-University, Hamburg. Her field of research…

  • Hettche, Thomas

    is a novelist. His most recent book is Der Fall Arbogast, Cologne: 2001

  • Hettne, Björn

    born 1939, professor at Padrigu, Peace and Development Research Institute Göteborg University, Sweden

  • Heuberger, Rachel

    is a historian and head of the department of Hebraica and Judaica at the University…

  • Hierasimovic, Iryna

    is a translator and curator

  • Higonnet, Anne

    is a professor in the Department of Art History at Barnard College, Columbia University. She…

  • Hiidenmaa, Pirjo

    is President of the European Writers Council, Finland

  • Hilton, Isabel

    has written extensively on China and Tibet. She is the editor of the online journal…

  • Hinde, Dominic

    is a journalist whose work has appeared in Index on Censorship

  • Hirschberg, Urs

    is professor for representation of architecture and new media at Graz University of Technology. He…

  • Hirschman, Charles

    is Boeing International Professor at the Department of Sociology and the Daniel J. Evans School…

  • Hodonyi, Robert

    is assistant to Helga Trüpel, the Alliance ’90/The Greens MEP

  • Hofman, Ana

    is an ethnomusicologist and holds a PhD in music and gender politics in Yugoslavia. She…

  • Holdstock, Nick

    was a VSO teacher in China for four years. The Tree that Bleeds, his book…

  • Holenstein, Elmar

    (b.1937 in St. Gallen, Switzerland) studied philosophy, psychology, and linguistics in Leuven, Heidelberg, and Zurich…

  • Holl, Adolf

    (b.1930) is the author of Der Lachende Christus [The laughing Christ], Zolnay 2005

  • Holland, Agnieszka

    is a Polish film and TV director and screenwriter

  • Höller, Christian

    was born 1966 in Austria and lives in Vienna. He is editor of the art…

  • Holmes, Brian

    is an American born theorist, writer and translator. He was the English editor of publications…

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