Brian Holmes

is an American born theorist, writer and translator. He was the English editor of publications for Documenta X, Kassel, 1997, and is a frequent contributor to the journals Springerin (Austria), Brumaria (Spain) and Multitudes (France).


desolate city situation

The aesthetics of crisis

Art in arrested democracies

Is there a chance for self-transformation, and above all, social transformation, in a crisis that is not suffered but co-created? Brian Holmes says there is. The key here is aesthetic experiences, where the breakdown of the dominant economic norm opens up a pathway toward some kind of autonomy.

Written in the stars?

Global finance, precarious destinies

Where hard physics combines with traders’ animal passions, the bestiary of financialized civilization becomes imbued with the relations between hunter and hunted, writes Brian Holmes. Systemic corruption has produced the fundamental disconnect between the informational sky above our heads and the existential ground beneath our feet.

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