New Humanist

New Humanist magazine is the lively and intelligent journal of rationalism, humanism, and free thought published by the London-based Rationalist Association. It’s been published continuously since 1885, when it started life as “Watt’s Literary Guide” produced by the free thought publisher Charles Watts. In the 1890s Watts set up the Propaganda Press Committee to publish secular views. This later became the Rationalist Press Association. The Literary Guide added “the rationalist review” to its title in the late 19th century, and became simply The Literary Guide in 1955, The Humanist in 1966, and finally New Humanist in 1972. It is currently published bi-monthly.

During its long history New Humanist has distinguished itself as a world leader in supporting and promoting humanism and rational inquiry and opposing religious dogma, irrationalism and bunkum wherever it is found.

A list of past and current contributors to the magazine includes HG Wells, GB Shaw, Richard Dawkins, Eric Hobsbawm, Phillip Pullman, Polly Toynbee, Christopher Hitchens, Jonathan Miller, Eileen Barker and Amartya Sen. The current editorial board includes broadcaster Laurie Taylor and Dean of Arts and Media at Westminster University Sally Feldman. Since 1996 Jonathan Miller has been the President of the Rationalist Association.

The editor, Caspar Melville, joined New Humanist in July 2005. The magazine underwent a major redesign in early 2007 (the designer Nick McKay was short listed for a Press Gazette design award for the redesign) and a brand new website and blog was launched in October 2007.


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