Neprikosnovennij Zapas (NZ)

Private Stock – Debates on Politics and Culture (also known under its Russian acronym NZ) is a Moscow-based interdisciplinary journal featuring the best Russian and international experts from all sectors of the humanities, arts, and social sciences. As its name suggests, the magazine continuously takes stock of the latest developments and disputes in the fields it covers. In its thematic sections, NZ makes high-level specialists discuss their respective topics in a way that is both sophisticated and accessible to an educated non-specialist public.

The journal also introduces ideas and debates from a European and wider international context to a Russian audience, initiating and facilitating their critical assessment by its readers. NZ’s avowed aims are to find new ways of linking topics from academic research and cultural production with wider social issues, and to define new tasks for members of the intellectual community.

Education, social and political theory, and debates about the past feature prominently among the topics covered by NZ, which also features regular columns on contemporary Russian politics and society, and thematic reviews of Russian and international books and journals.


Journal's articles

On freedom *

A discussion between Svetlana Boym and Boris Groys

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