The regional government in Catalonia is planning to go ahead with a referendum on independence on Sunday, 1 October. However, the Spanish central government has condemned the vote as unconstitutional, and moved to block it. Jordi Muñoz says that the Spanish authorities seem unconcerned by Catalan or international public opinion.

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EU member states draw upon a reservoir of colonial discourse to assert superiority over the extra-European Other; western Balkan states compensate by turning the same discourse against neighbours lower down the ladder of EU accession, writes Tanja Petrovic.

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The controversy around the gender of the South African athlete Caster Semenya is by no means unprecedented. As Nuria Gregori and Silvia Garcia Dauder write, the world of sport is a social microcosm that reveals much about the role of assumptions concerning biological sex in a psychosocial logic in which gender identity, sexual orientation or sexual practice exerts maximum authority.