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One almost wonders what Christianity has added to Roman writers’ reflections on old age, writes Andrei Plesu. The answer: a much greater emphasis on transcendence. But how might the dimension of transcendence contribute to a better understanding and use of old age?

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The current financial crisis is not confined to economies, writes Daniel Daianu, former Romanian finance minister and MEP from 2007 to 2009. The erosion of the middle class, the spread of extremism and the threat to democracy are some of the more obvious social effects demanding attention.

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Herta Müller has publicly criticized Romanian intellectuals for their passivity during the Ceausescu regime. Talking to the publisher and philosopher Gabriel Liiceanu in Bucharest in October 2010, the novelist and Nobel laureate defended her often unpopular view that the preservation of personal intellectual integrity alone was inadequate as a form of political resistance.