• Mavi, Devrim

    is Editor-in-Chief of Swedish Arena. She has been a journalist since 2001 and worked for…

  • Mawer, Simon

    is a novelist. His books include: Gregor Mendel: Planting the Seeds of Genetics (2006) and…

  • May, Todd

    is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Clemson University in South Carolina. His books include…

  • Mayer, Margit

    has been professor for comparative and North American politics at Freie Universität Berlin; as of…

  • Mazohl-Wallnig, Brigitte

    is editor of L’Homme, the Austrian-based journal of feminist history

  • Mazounie, Alix

    is head of international politics at Le Réseau Action Climat – France (RAC-F)

  • Mazoyer, Franck


  • Mazurczak, Filip

    studied history and Latin American literature at Creighton University and international relations at the George…

  • Mæhlum, Brit

    was born 1957. She is Professor of Linguistics at the university of Trondheim, Norway

  • Mbembe, Achille

    was born in Cameroon in 1957. He is Professor of History and Political Science at…

  • McAfee, Kathleen

    received a PhD in Geography from the University of California at Berkeley after working in…

  • McCarthy, Rory

    is a former Middle East correspondent for the Guardian and Dahrendorf Scholar at St Antonyâs…

  • McEwan, Ian

    is an English novelist and screenwriter. In 1998, he won the Man Booker Prize for…

  • McGuire, Matt

    was born in Belfast and teaches literature at the University of Glasgow. He has published…

  • McNamee, Joe

    is Executive Director of European Digital Rights initiative (EDRi), https://edri.org/ &nbsp

  • Medarova-Bergstrom, Keti

    is a coordinator of the EU funds monitoring project for CEE Bankwatch Network, Brussels

  • Medvedev, Sergei A.

    is Professor at the Department of Social Sciences at the Higher School of Economics in…

  • Medvedeva, Anna

    is director of communications at IZOLYATSIA: Platform for Cultural Initiatives

  • Meier, Marco

    is editor-in-chief of du Die Zeitschrift der Kultur in Zürich

  • Meksi, Mira

    is editor-in-chief of the Albanian journal Mehr Licht

  • Melossi, Dario

    Professor at the University of Bologna, Italy

  • Melville, Caspar

    is editor of New Humanist

  • Memorial, Memorial

    arose during perestroika in order to awaken and preserve the societal memory of political persecution…

  • Menasse, Robert

    is one of Austria’s leading authors and essayists. His latest book is Don Juan de…

  • Mencin Čeplak, Metka

    Metka Mencin Čeplak is a psychologist and scholar of feminism who previously served as an…

  • Menke, Christoph

    is professor for Practical Philosophy within the Cluster of Excellence “The Formation of Normative Orders…

  • Menzel, Birgit

    (b.1953) is professor in applied linguistic and cultural science at the Johannes Gutenberg University in…

  • Menzelevskyi, Stas

    is film critic and Senior research assistant at Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Center. Academic interests: film…

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