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Is the female pornographic eye dangerous? Or is it just another male fantasy? Anna Friman about what happens when women write about sex. An award-winning and winding essay on posh porn.

After the Finnish parliamentary elections, the winner’s honeymoon went terribly wrong. In a strange election aftermath, an Iraqgate scandal brought down the first female prime minister of the country, Ms Anneli Jäätteenmäki in 63 days. Her mistake was to use confidential information about talks between her political opponent, former prime minister Lipponen and George W. Bush, in her election campaign. More than anything, this raises the question about the new role of the United States increasingly gaining mass as a political tool in the domestic politics of European countries, writes Jan-Erik Andelin.

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There is a light in the darkness of Belarus. A Belarusian university in exile provides future generations with internationally approved degrees and the ability to think independently. After visiting EHU I am convinced that this university constitute the best hope for the future of Belarus, writes Peter Lodenius.

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