Burkhard Müller

(b.1959) is a Latin teacher at the Technical University in Chemnitz, and an author for Süddeutsche Zeitung. In 2007 his Die Tränen des Xerxes. Von der Geschichte der Lebendigen und der Toten will be published. The article is based upon a speech delivered in November 2006 at Kardinal-König-Institut in Salzburg.


No stone throwing in glass houses

Ripples of the Arab uprisings in the Gulf

The Arab Spring has done nothing to stop business continuing as usual in the art markets of the Gulf states, write Nat Muller and Ferry Biedermann. At the same time, the wrath of the Arab peninsula monarchies continues to rain down on anything that smacks of dissent.

Members of the Visegrad Group meet in Brussels

On the side of democracy

Should Brussels intervene in EU member states?

Brussels is not empowered to be a policeman for liberal democracy in Europe. Not yet. But should it be? Following recent developments in Hungary and Romania, Jan-Werner Müller argues that it is legitimate for Brussels to interfere in individual member states as a democracy watchdog.


A history of timeliness

The first printed newspaper appeared 150 years after Gutenberg, as the postal service replaced the messenger and news began to spread faster. Yet the format developed slowly, as Müller shows in a history of print media that concludes with the Internet age.

When personal integrity is not enough

Herta Müller and Gabriel Liiceanu discuss language and dissidence

Herta Müller has publicly criticized Romanian intellectuals for their passivity during the Ceausescu regime. Talking to the publisher and philosopher Gabriel Liiceanu in Bucharest in October 2010, the novelist and Nobel laureate defended her often unpopular view that the preservation of personal intellectual integrity alone was inadequate as a form of political resistance.

In these newly religious times, it no longer seems superfluous to rearm the atheists with arguments. When push comes to shove, atheists can only trust their reason, writes Burkhard Müller.

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