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Central Eastern European Meeting streamed at Time to Talk

28 August 2014
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From 28 to 31 October, Krytyka Polityczna will be hosting the four-day Central Eastern European Meeting in Cieszyn, Poland.

Intellectuals and activists from Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Croatia, Moldova and Hungary will look at how post-communist transition in central eastern Europe has developed during the last 25 years and discuss ways of addressing the issues facing them today. Does such a thing as central eastern Europe exist? If so, what’s so special about it? And how can one, in this region, tackle the growing intolerance of minorities and the increasing lack of trust in public institutions?

The meeting will be in English with Polish interpretation and discussions will take place in the Krytyka Polityczna Cultural Centre in Cieszyn. Eurozine’s sister site Time to Talk will stream the main public debates taking place on Thursday at 14:30 CET and on Saturday at 16:00 CET, featuring, amongst others, Boris Buden, Slawomir Sierakowski and Nataliia Neshevets.

More about the event on Time to Talk

Solidarity protest, Poland, 1989

Published 28 August 2014

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