Nataliya Gumenyuk

Ukrainian journalist specializing in conflict reporting and foreign affairs. From 2015 util 2020 she ran independent TV channels Hromadske and Hromadske International. Gumenyuk covered the Euromaidan Revolution of 2013–14, the annexation of Crimea, and the conflict in eastern Ukraine (Donbas).
She has recently published the book The Lost Island: Tales From Occupied Crimea based on her reportages of the last 6 years. Gumenyuk has reported from nearly fifty countries; a collection of her articles was published in 2015 under the title Maidan Tahrir. In Search of the Lost Revolution.
She was named one of New Europe’s 100 Top Leaders in 2017.


Cover for: Struggling to find an angle

When covering the invasion of Crimea and the war in Donbas, what motivated Nataliya Gumenyuk was her conviction that journalism could influence events. But now that geopolitics rules the day, she feels powerless.

Cover for: When trust defines everything

When trust defines everything

COVID-19 in a polarized Ukraine

The Ukrainian government’s pandemic response has got dramatically different reviews. The Zelensky administration declared a strict lockdown early on and has mobilized big business, enjoying wide popular support, but anti-corruption activists and established intellectuals remain suspicious. Nataliya Gumenyuk asks who to trust.

Cover for: Damage done

Damage done

The Trump–Ukraine controversy in perspective

Coverage of the Trump–Ukraine controversy has focused on the political fall-out in the US. But the harm done to Ukraine may be much more severe and enduring. Not only has US military aid been made conditional, but even worse: the credibility of the US as ally and example in the fight against corruption has been destroyed, writes the head of Hromadske TV.