Andrii Portnov

Fellow at the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) in Vienna in January–February 2017. Director of the Prisma Ukraїna Program at the Forum Transregionale Studien Berlin, Research Fellow at Geneva University.


Cover for: Lost in transition? Ukraine and Europe since 1989

Throughout its recent political upheavals, Ukraine has looked to Europe as a beacon of liberal democracy. Yet Europe has been unwilling to reciprocate, as it did with other countries in the socialist bloc. This has held back not only Ukrainian development, argues Andrii Portnov.

Cover for: The arithmetic of otherness

The arithmetic of otherness

‘Donbas’ in Ukrainian intellectual discourse

Western Ukrainian intellectuals’ tendency to blame the Donbas for the war is based on a longstanding orientalization of the ‘Soviet’ Other. Reminiscences about erstwhile cultural diversity sit awkwardly alongside hostility to the East.

Andriy Portnov

Europe, not just Ukraine, is at war

A conversation with historian and essayist Andriy Portnov

It is not only events in eastern Ukraine and the Greek crisis that will force the European Union to reinvent itself, argues Andriy Portnov, but also domestic political landscapes in Germany, the United Kingdom and France. The sum of all of these factors will force change.

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