Capitalism and knowledge monopoly

José Arthur Giannotti

The contemporary capitalist market is
based on three strategies of knowledge and
power that set it greatly apart from the old
competitive market, which tended to be
self-regulated, as well as from imperialism,
in which hegemony was constructed on the
basis of power positions that were supported
by the policies of the national State. If
today the source of power lies in the monopoly
of scientific and technological invention,
then it is necessary to go beyond
the phenomenology of levels of globalization
and take into account the determining
role of the new capital in its specific difference.
A power imbued with knowledge
should be combated by other powers capable
of distinguishing between what can
and what can’t be done and known. That
is the challenge for a new socialism which
abandons the illusion that it can create a
whole new society.

Published 10 February 2003
Original in Portuguese

Contributed by Revista Critica de Ciências Sociais © Revista Critica de Ciências Sociais Eurozine


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