Wolfgang Müller-Funk

Cultural theorist and essayist and poet. Former professor at the universities in Vienna, Klagenfurt and Birmingham. His latest publications are Die Kunst des Zwifelns. Einträge zur Philosophie in ungefügen Zeiten (Sonderzahl 2021) and Crudelitas. Zwölf Kapitel einer Diskursgeschichte der Grausamkeit (Matthes und Seitz 2022).

More at: www.mueller-funk.com


Cover for: Bent and borrowed truths

Bent and borrowed truths

The myth of Austrian neutrality

While Sweden and Finland join NATO, Austria clings to its neutrality as a higher good. But as the Austrian example makes plain, neutrality is a reaction and not the outcome of a sovereign action. To remain neutral is to let the aggressor carry on in the hope that you will avoid harm yourself.

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