Samuel Abrahám

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24 September 2008

Being part of the gang

Contact and friendship with the publishers of European cultural journals has helped Samuel Abrahám, founding editor of Kritika&Kontext, realize his goal of publishing a liberal journal in post-socialist Slovakia.

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On 13 October, the Czech weekly Respekt released details of former police records appearing to prove that in 1950 Milan Kundera denounced a man suspected of spying. Since then, more details of the case have come to light that cast doubt upon Kundera’s involvement. Whatever the outcome, writes Samuel Abrahám, the manner in which the allegations have been made represents a failure of journalistic decency.

The Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in August 1968 caused the Soviet empire to lose its internal logic even for the communist faithful, writes Samuel Abrahám, who bore witness to the events. Yet today, the naivety of the reform communists of the 1960s serves as a pretext for the cynical dismissal of any vision of a better political system.