• von Ahn, Thomas

    (b.1976) is a researcher at the Centre for Hungarian Studies in the Finno-Ugric/Uralic Institute at…

  • von Brackel, Benjamin

    is a freelance journalist who specializes in climate and social policy

  • von der Lippe, Gerd

    is professor at Telemark University College, Norway. Her area of expertise lies in the field…

  • von Hoffman, Nicholas

    is a journalist and author of several books including We are the People our Parents…

  • von Lucke, Albrecht

    is a lawyer, political scientist and editor of Blätter für deutsche und internationale Politik. His…

  • von Osten, Marion

    works with curatorial, artistic and theoretical approaches that converge through the medium of exhibitions, installations…

  • von Weizsäcker, Elisabeth

  • von Wyhe, John

    is Bye-Fellow, Christ’s College, Cambridge and editor of Darwin Online

  • Voparil, Christopher J.

    is assistant professor at the Graduate Faculty, Union Institute & University

  • Voss, Dietmar

    was born in 1954. He is university lecturer for German literature at Humboldt-Universität Berlin

  • Voß, Klaas

    is a historian at the Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung (HIS)

  • Voss, Tobias

    is vice president, international affairs, of the Frankfurt Book Fair

  • Vrba, Tomas

    Prague, Vice President of the Association of European Journalists

  • Vrenegor, Nicole

    has been active in urban political campaigning since the early 1990s, first in Marburg, then…

  • Vucenic, Danica

    is a Serbian journalist and creator of the radio show Kaziprst (forefinger) for Radio B92

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