Gaby Zipfel

Initiator of the international research group ‘Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict’; researcher at the Hamburger Stiftung zur Förderung von Wissenschaft und Kultur. Previously editor of Mittelweg 36, the journal of the Hamburg Institute for Social Research. She is also a member of the Eurozine Advisory Board.


"Beyond good and evil for once!"

"Authorized transgressions" and women in wartime

What exactly were the implications of World War I for the gender hierarchy of the western world? Gaby Zipfel argues for frank, not to mention long overdue, discussion of when and how women and men encounter one other in war.

Gaby Zipfel, editor of “Mittelweg 36” and pioneer of Eurozine, came to the European Meeting of European Cultural Journals in 1992 expecting to be the only woman among seasoned male professionals. And so she was – but that didn’t matter.

"Blood, sperm and tears"

Sexual Violence in War

The societal condemnation of sexual crimes as a war-time practice is slowly growing as the victims raise the courage to speak out.

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